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March 2020 eNews

March 2020 eNews

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Creative Space Showhome

Clever Clip-On Extends Bungalow

This is a unique situation where the two independent co-owners were looking to create two separate sleeping & living areas in their bungalow for when they are home together.

The wonderful aspect about this solution is that it is a complete, clean addition that could be clipped on to almost any home.

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Our Projects: Renovation - Barn Refurbishment in Progress

Our clients purchased a rather run-down barn house in rural Katikati. They decided to give the barn a complete overhaul which included a major internal refurbishment to create better use of space and introduce light into the upper floor loft.

Internally the home is light and spacious and the outside is a contrast of form and colour.

We look forward to sharing more photos on this project soon...

Creative Space Architecture - Name & Studio Upgrades

In case you missed it on social media or haven't visited us in a while, our studio had a complete upgrade last year so that we now occupy the entire top level of Moreland House on Devonport Rd, Tauranga.

The final upgrades included this stylish, modern kitchen dining area for our staff to be able to hang out, relax and regroup in during their breaks. We're all very happy to have this space for ourselves at last!

Also, a more subtle upgrade has happened over the past few months which you may or may not have noticed. Our business name is now Creative Space Architecture Ltd.

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