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August eNews

August eNews

Queenstown Scenic Alpine Home

This exciting new home located in an alpine neighbourhood in Queenstown has been getting tonnes of attention from our website visitors and social media Followers in the Otago region. With its perfect blend of natural beauty, functionality, and comfort, this design offers an exceptional living experience in its remarkable setting.

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A Home for Music & Friends

A very unique concept design which is now well underway with our Interior Design team and Architectural Technicians. We are working closely with this client to help make this beautiful home a reality by providing recommendations to match their budget and supporting them through the build proces.

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Critical Junctions & Custom Flashings

Custom fabricated flashings play a key role in the performance of ‘critical junctions’ where multiple construction methods and materials intersect. Together with a cladding installed over a drained and ventilated cavity system, flashings form the primary line of defence deflecting liquid water to the exterior of the building or assisting it to drain out in planned locations.

Essentially flashings need to be ‘robust’ and ‘bulletproof’ and fabricated in one piece, rather than the traditional origami using light gauge folded coloursteel that is sealed and riveted to itself. The issue with the traditional cheap method is the sealant and rivets don’t last long and this leads to distortion of the shapes followed by water ingress.

So don’t cut corners when it comes to flashings as durability is king.

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Interior Design Service

We invite you to consult with one of our highly experienced interior designers who will find out more about your taste and preferences in order to develop a clear and concise design brief. As per our design process, we then develop out a CAD model and VR Experience for your project using the selected colours, textures, materials, lighting, and furnishings.

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