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Dec 2018 eNews

Dec 2018 eNews

Dec 2018 eNews

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2018: The Year in Review

2018 has seen plenty of exciting changes here at Creative Space...

Our main studio office has undergone a major refurbishment and we now have a dedicated reception/entry area. We will be completing the second stage of the renovation next year which will see additional space given to the design studio.

Our awesome CS team has continued to grow with David Shaw and Peter Pearson jumping on board.  Both David and Peter have an excellent eye for design and detailing which complements the rest of the CS team.

The integration of a new CAD software into the practice has been another major development in our business. This investment was undertaken to increase productivity and to tap into more interactive systems and programmes that allow for project sharing between other consultants as well as offering the client more hands-on interaction during the design process.

Overall It has been a busy year with all manner of projects in various stages of design, consent, tendering and project management and we look forward to more of the same in 2019!

New Homes: 26m2 Home a Revelation!

What do we really need in regard to the homes we live in? Most young couples would say, “2 bedrooms and around 120-140m2 of floor area”. Most young families would say, “3 bedrooms + an office and around 200-240m2 of floor area.”

The first option of 140m2 equates to a home value or debt of around $400,000 (house only). The second option of 240m2 equates to a home value or debt of around $700,000. Based on these figures we are challenging what’s important - how do these priorities effect our lifestyles and where does our money best serve us?

In this case study we have designed more than enough living, sleeping and service space for a young couple with a grand total of 26m2. That’s right folks, for a meagre investment of $70,000 (house only) this couple has everything they need to live a life comparable with individuals in larger homes.

Read the full story and check out the rest of the photos here.

Knowledge: Solitex Extasana Wrap

Solitex Extasana is a synthetic non porous wall underlay produce by Pro Clima. Pro Clima is a German based company that specializes in air and watertight building systems.  Solitex Extasana is a superior building wrap that has high levels of diffusion, breathability and has a very high level of water resistance.  It’s a high spec building wrap and is regularly used in certified passive house and energy efficient builds along with another Pro Clima product - the Intello internal vapour barrier.

Over the Solitex Extasana wrap is a 150mm Larch weatherboard over a 20mm drained and ventilated cavity. This particular Larch is sourced from Siberia where long cold winters promote slow growth rates. The timber has a similar appearance to local NZ hardwoods such as Lawson’s Cypress or Macrocarpa. Rustic and characteristic it makes  for a great cladding option when highlighting feature walls.

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