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The Modern Take on Privacy Screens

The Modern Take on Privacy Screens

With the availability of lightweight alumium and access to laser cutting technology, privacy screens are no longer limited to the basic wooden slats of recent times. These days you can add that real 'Wow' factor to your home, in a design aesthetic that suits your style, without forgoing any functionality.

In fact, with 4mm marine, grade, powder coated aluminium screens such as those we designed into this iconic Mt Maunganui home, modern privacy screens will maintain their style and performance while keeping maintenance to an absolute minimum.

And when it comes to design styles, these screens really are a blank canvas. In this instance, the client liked a particular Kina shape so from there we simply played around with the size, quantity and positioning of the Kina to allow the most light in the preferred areas while ensuring the best privacy for the occupants when needed.

Laser cutting technology today is so readily available and cost effective that you can literally cut any design into almost any light to heavy grade material you desire.