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BIM Manager Gets on Graphisoft Insiders Panel

BIM Manager Gets on Graphisoft Insiders Panel

BIM Manager Gets on Graphisoft Insiders Panel

IMG-20231201-WA0000.jpgWe're pleased to announce a noteworthy development at Creative Space Architecture...

Josh Verran, our BIM Manager, has been selected to join the Graphisoft Insiders Panel. Graphisoft is a global leader in Building Information Modelling (BIM) software, with Archicad being used by over a hundred thousand professionals and more than 7,000 companies worldwide. This panel is a select group of about 40 professionals globally, each highly regarded in the BIM community.

The Panel is part of the wider Graphisoft Insiders group, which comprises around 170 users worldwide. This group is instrumental in providing insights and feedback in the realm of BIM. Josh’s invitation to the panel is a recognition of his professional dedication and expertise. While Josh is bound by a confidentiality agreement that prevents sharing specific details learned through the panel, his involvement keeps him informed of industry trends and developments.

This opportunity is not only a reflection of Josh's professional achievements but also aligns with our firm's commitment to continuous learning and keeping up with technological advancements in architecture. It’s a reminder of the importance of contributing to and evolving with the broader architectural community.

The use of Archicad and BIM is a key component of any architectural practice, and using BIM to its fullest extent will further our capabilities in design output and create timeframe & project efficiencies.  We are very proud of Josh’s achievement and look forward to how his insights, while respecting the confidentiality of the panel, will continue to enhance our team’s approach to innovation and excellence in design, as well as continued advancement of BIM development within Creative Space Architecture.