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VR Concept Design Service

VR Concept Design Service

Taking a walk through your new home before it has even built was a dream that has now become a reality with help of today’s Virtual Reality technology.

It can take a leap of faith and a vivid imagination from the client to get them on board with a design idea. Not many people can visualise their finished home from a 2D or 3D representation.

This gap in understanding left both us and our clients at risk for needing to make costly and time-consuming changes later on. A frustration that we knew could be solved if only our clients could properly experience their new home at the concept design stage.

The emergence of virtual reality applications for architecture has been one of the big stories of the past few years. One that our design team, here at Creative Space Architecture, is excited by be leading.


Benefits for Home Owners

Placing our clients into a virtual and detailed representation of their building design makes the feedback process much more straight forward and accurate. We can get an immediate and instinctive response to their experience of their new home as they walk through each virtual room and see the flow of the space.

They can clearly see what they like and dislike about certain elements of the a design better than perhaps they would if viewing a floor plan or 3D model. And this means less time spent going back and forth revising designs and awaiting further feedback.

Real-time changes can also take place in the virtual world, allowing clients to get a sense for specific aesthetic features, such as window placements, lighting, and even furniture.


Benefits for Architects Too

VR technology has incredible benefits for our architects and designers as well. From initial design mock-ups, to project collaboration, through to the finishing touches that make a building design go from good to great.

It is especially worthwhile for larger projects involving more stakeholders and multiple decision-makers. Getting all these people into a single room to discuss these design decisions can be incredibly difficult, not to mention time consuming and inefficient

Using our VR design service, we can more effectively and accurately ensure all stakeholders and decision-makers are on board with the concept designs before they proceed further along the process.

This is where VR has come into its own. As an immersive technology, it transports users into a fully interactive 3D environment, giving them the opportunity to explore a virtual representation of a particular room, floor, or building design as a whole.