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Wairoa Valley Guest Accommodation

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Wairoa Valley Guest Accommodation

Te Puna

What do we really need in regard to the homes we live in? Most young couples would say, “2 bedrooms and around 120-140m2 of floor area”. Most young families would say, “3 bedrooms + an office and around 200-240m2 of floor area.”

The first option of 140m2 equates to a home value or debt of around $400,000 (house only). The second option of 240m2 equates to a home value or debt of around $700,000. Based on these figures we are challenging what’s important - how do these priorities effect our lifestyles and where does our money best serve us?

In this case study we have designed more than enough living, sleeping and service space for a young couple with a grand total of 26m2. That’s right folks, for a meagre investment of $70,000 (house only) this couple has everything they need to live a life comparable with individuals in larger homes.

While this tiny home did not have a cooking space, one could be included with a very minor effect on the total floor area. This type of living presents an opportunity to live with low/no debt while maintaining a lifestyle you will certainly enjoy.

All of this has proven to these individuals that bigger is no longer better!


I just want to say to those of you who worked on our home - what a great place it has turned into. Just the feelings of space and style it gives. After a month here we have not found anything that we do not like, or anything that we think should have been different. The spaciousness is wonderful, the suitability to the site is fantastic. 

Simply, it is a great piece of design work which has brought only positive comment from all of our once-sceptical neighbours.

“Congratulations on a very good set of working drawings – the best I’ve seen for a long time.  Clear, well presented and concise.”

Grant Casey, 
Operations Manager
Shawn Williamson Building Ltd

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with all aspects of my renovations!

I really like your simple and functional design. I think the best has been made of my 1950's house, and we are all enjoying the open plan living space created.


Thank you to all of you for your fantastic efforts."

Nena Rovekamp 

“We are very pleased that Creative Space managed the process of adding a family room to our home. The addition room is working well and the functionality this brings to our property has certainly been recognised by others as a valued addition and well designed. We are very happy that we engaged Creative Space to help us through the design and build of our additional family room and we feel this expansion of our home has added more value than cost. Thank you.”

Darren and Angela Hill

“Creative Space was responsible for designing and project managing the very significant modifications and extensions to our beach house at Little Bay, a remote part of the northern Coromandel Peninsula.  The outcome is excellent: a house with which we are pleased and content to live in, a house that has clever and appropriate design that we enjoy every time we live in it – it has grown on us and we appreciate the careful detail and the attention to critical issues, such as deck space, views, livability, functionality and practical features. 

Dr A.B. Cull, Retired CEO
Waikato and Melbourne Hospitals

“We are so, so thrilled with our alterations. We were sure that we could do something with the house when we bought it but what we have ended up with is a home that surpasses anything we had imagined. Everybody who visits us is blown away by the outcome of our alterations. We would both like to thank Creative Space for coming up with a design that was truly "beyond our expectations".

Linda Groenewegen & Steph Predengast

“Congratulations on a very good set of working drawings – the best I’ve seen for a long time.  Clear, well presented and concise.”

Grant Casey, 
Operations Manager
Shawn Williamson Building Ltd

"I would like to extend a personal thank you on the amazing work you have done for us in getting Papamoa through in a tight timeframe.

Thank you for your diligence and patience. And I look forward to partnering in the new year to see them come to reality."

Jessica Laing
Metlifecare Papamoa

"Some time ago I was introduced to the team at Creative space through a mutual colleague. 

When under some work pressure, I decided to give them a try to see if they could help me out. The team did what I needed and were receptive to my constant phone calls and minor adjustments. They prepared a resource consent which was granted in a few days, and now I have a building consent in process through them too.

I am happy, their work is to a high standard. I look forward to working with them again soon. Many thanks."

John-Paul Biggelaar
Arcadia Holdings Ltd
Registered Building Surveyors. - M.N.Z.I.B.S, LBP - Design 3

“As the body corporate representative responsible for liaising with all contractors employed on the remedial work, I found Andre and his staff very professional in their approach to problems and completed tasks required to ensure plans and specifications were completed and approved on time, so there were no undue hold-ups.” 

John G Hodgson, Body Corporate Representative
Victoria Court Apartments, Mt Maunganui

“The Creative Space Architectural team are our 1st choice of specialist remedial designers in our region. They have been very receptive to our specialist input over the last 3- 4 years specifically in achieving durable weathering detail solutions.”

Graham Hodgson, Director NZIBS
Preview Building Surveyors Ltd

We are extremely happy with our new house. All that we deliberated on was worth it and Creative Space supported and guided us through it all.


Regan was a pleasure to guide us through this project, ensuring that we were thinking hard about every space in the house, and how we needed it to function. He was professional while also personable and was always available to support us and go over any issues in the project, from initial decision of what we were going to do,  to liaising with the builder in the finer details.