Cull Residence

Looking to extend their existing beach house to incorporate more living space, an extended deck area and a new, larger master bedroom, the Cull family contacted Creative Space.

On closer inspection of the property and site limitations (being on a steep cliff face), we recommended an extension to the front of the home to provide a larger open-plan living area and full-size modern kitchen as well as capitalise on the view and provide a connection with the outdoor living space.

To achieve the desirect master bedroom space, we designed a new garage with a second level master suite including a bathroom, kitchenette and private balcony.

The final solution gave full flexibility of space across both structures.

Cull Residence
Cull Residence
Cull Residence
Cull Residence
Cull Residence
Cull Residence


"I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with all aspects of my renovations!

I really like your simple and functional design. I think the best has been made of my 1950's house, and we are all enjoying the open plan living space created.


Thank you to all of you for your fantastic efforts."

Nena Rovekamp 

“We are very pleased that Creative Space managed the process of adding a family room to our home. The addition room is working well and the functionality this brings to our property has certainly been recognised by others as a valued addition and well designed. We are very happy that we engaged Creative Space to help us through the design and build of our additional family room and we feel this expansion of our home has added more value than cost. Thank you.”

Darren and Angela Hill

“We are so, so thrilled with our alterations. We were sure that we could do something with the house when we bought it but what we have ended up with is a home that surpasses anything we had imagined. Everybody who visits us is blown away by the outcome of our alterations. We would both like to thank Creative Space for coming up with a design that was truly "beyond our expectations".

Linda Groenewegen & Steph Predengast

“Creative Space was responsible for designing and project managing the very significant modifications and extensions to our beach house at Little Bay, a remote part of the northern Coromandel Peninsula.  The outcome is excellent: a house with which we are pleased and content to live in, a house that has clever and appropriate design that we enjoy every time we live in it – it has grown on us and we appreciate the careful detail and the attention to critical issues, such as deck space, views, livability, functionality and practical features. 

Dr A.B. Cull, Retired CEO
Waikato and Melbourne Hospitals