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This stage is where we get to know each other
and find out what you are wanting. Great designs
stem from great briefs and a close understanding
of the project requirements. At the end of this
stage we will supply an architectural proposal for
your consideration. If you don’t move forward
from this point there is no cost.
The project seriously begins at pre-design, where
we undertake all the work required before
actually beginning the design work. This will
include visiting the site to take levels and gather
other critical information, undertake due
diligence, and where required re-draw and model
the existing building into our CAD system ready
for the design process ahead.
During this stage we have the privilege of
designing architectural spaces that perfectly
meet the requirements of the design brief. These
creative designs will without question, be the
absolute best solutions for your lifestyle or
business requirements. Great design creates
great value and this is where we demonstrate
exactly that.
Now your project is really beginning to take
shape and we must prepare working drawings
and specifications for council building consent.
During this stage there is no compromise for
taking the time required to get this absolutely
right and reduce the challenges ahead. Well
detailed and documented designs save
thousands of dollars during the construction
Some projects will require resource consent if
the project requirements are outside of the
city/district plans. In these situations we
consult with our associate town planners at an
early stage to be sure we have a firm
understanding of the requirements ahead.
At this stage of your project the builders are on
site and physical work is underway. Our work is
not done until construction is completed, and
the council have issued the all-important Code
of Compliance Certificate. It is important that
we support and assist the contractors,
sub-contractors and you as clients throughout
the construction process on a
when-and-where-required basis. Greater levels
of observation and project management are
available on a case-by-case basis.