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Great design creates great value
21 October 2014
Great design creates great value

When investing large sums of money into your future by way of building new or renovating, the biggest opportunity to create more value than you are spending is through good design. We know that ‘great design creates great value’ and those clients who have experienced this are quick to agree.  

Funnily enough, this value not only manifests itself as hard currency, it also manifests itself in many other aspects of your life. These range from having less stress, more time, improved communication, flexibility in regard to changing family dynamics, etc.

"I can tell you this from experience," says managing director, Andre Laurent. "When I built my first home, the first significant thing I noticed was the valuation was in excess of the actual cost. The second thing I noticed was the architecture's effect on any stress or anxiety. It would literally fall away as I walked through the door, and I would feel safe and relaxed. Almost like the rest of the world did not exist."

Many of these aspects and effects can be linked back to the power of simple geometry and positive intentions. Given the correct working conditions and time, this can be applied to any architectural project.