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August eNews
9 August 2017
August eNews

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Knowledge Share: Critical Flashings

Flashings play a key role in the performance of any building exterior building envelope. Together with a cladding system installed over a drained and ventilated cavity system, flashings form the primary line of defence deflecting liquid water to the exterior of the building or assisting it to drain out in planned locations. Essentially flashings are the most critical part of any cladding system and are widely overlooked and under detailed in the industry today.

In this latest Knowledge share we cover everything you need to know about flashings.

Click here to read the full article.

Welcoming Cassandra to the Team

Cassandra has taken on the incredibly varied and hugely important role as office administrator for the Creative Space team. We are very happy to have her on board and she is doing a great job here already.

As our front-of-house person, Cassandra will be the first person you meet when you come to the main office, and the first person you talk to when you call on the phone. 

Meet the rest of the team here.

Belco Home - House of the Year!

We were very proud to have been involved in this project at the design stage. Congratulations to everyone at Belco Homes for this fantastic result and recognition of their high quality workmanship.

Designed to serve the needs of a family of four, this Tauranga home delivers all the space, peace and freedom a semi-rural life affords. The 266sqm layout shows thoughtful planning and consideration. Ample glazing offers sunny living spaces and ocean peeks.

Check out more of the photos here.

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