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7 December 2016
Dec eNews

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Kerwick Cres New Home

Wishing You All A Merry Christmas!

Can you believe the awesome team we have here now?! Anyone who has stopped by the office recently will have seen all the work going on as we have been lucky enough to secure the downstairs office space, giving us the room we need to grow without having to move at all!

We'll be introducing everyone here to you over the next few months, and showing you our stunning new reception and meeting room space too. It's been another action packed year for us and we have no plans to slow down in 2017.

We'll be shutting shop for a breather and a break with our friends and families from Friday, 23rd December but we'll be back in action again from Monday, 9th January, 2017!

All Go With Metlifecare Papamoa

Earlier this year Creative Space was approached by leading aged care provider, Metlifecare, to design Stage 4 of the Papamoa Beach Village. Stage 4 Metlifecare Papamoa involved the construction of 31 villas spread over 11 blocks ready to be delivered to the market by mid-2017.

This project required us to think about the many aspects of day-to-day living that the residents of Metlifecare Papamoa experience. Working alongside Metlifecare to satisfy this key design criteria, our design solution is a practical, modern and highly efficient series of villa typologies. Other fundamental requirements include passive solar design, a connection to the outdoors and creating privacy in key spaces.

More details and photos here.

Laminam Tile Performs Well After 3yrs

In 2013 Andre chose to clad his new home with large format Laminam tiles partly because they looked so good and were available in a wide range of great colours. But also because they would require no maintenance and would keep his home looking good.

Three years later and Andre is still impressed with how good the exterior cladding looks. This is saying something because his home sits on a highly exposed hill and is particularly hammered by the wind at times. Despite this, Andre shows here (photo below) that the Laminam cladding still looks as good as new with minimal maintenance required.  

He designed his home with reduced eaves which works well to allow the rain to wash the tiles fully.  With the application of Laminam tiles on this and other jobs we have found that they have proven to be a durable and striking cladding system.

Find out more about these awesome tiles here.

Meet the Team: Introducing Regan

Regan originally joined our team as an architectural technician seven years ago. After working on several successful complex and challenging projects he was promoted to senior architectural technician just over 2 years ago. This year he has moved into one of our senior roles as an architectural designer. 

“It’s been great moving into a design role as it's required development of other skills,” explains Regan.  “At the same time my technical background in weathertightness and remedial work has been beneficial.  This experience has helped me in the  design role as it has given me a strong foundation in quality, high performance design."

Outside of work, family life is “busy but great” with three young boys that Regan has with his wife Sarah Jane.

Meet the rest of the Creative Space team here.

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