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December eNews
13 December 2013
December eNews

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Creative Space Showhome

Merry Christmas Everyone!

It's been an incredible year for us all here at Creative Space.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful clients who help us to stretch our imaginations, continually improve our services and allow us to be everything that we are today.

We also want to thank our incredibly supportive and loyal project partners who help us realise our plans and deliver such a great service on a daily basis.  The trades people, the materials suppliers, the consents advisers and everyone else who comes together to make our plans a reality.

And last but not least, a special thanks to all our friends and families out there.  A busy year doesn't come without its pressure and possibly a few blown gaskets.  

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Concrete Show Home In Progress

The new Creative Space show home (Stage 1) is now nearing completion.  This is a fantastic example of a full concrete, modular home with some real 'Wow' factor.  By simplifying the design in key areas of the home, making best use of natural light and the natural environment, we have been able to make significant savings on the build of this project plus in on-going running costs of the home.

Our material of choice for this project was the Ambionse brand of Insulated Concrete Forms, as supplied by Styrobeck.  We were very impressed by the efficiencies available with this system.  You can find the full details on their website here.

We look forward to unveiling the Stage 1 show home early in the New Year.  In the meantime, you can check out some of the progress photos on our website here.

Knowledge: Why Critical Junctions are Critical

Critical junctions are areas of a building where construction materials and construction methods intersect. They are the areas of construction that most designers turn a blind eye to, they are also the areas that will make your builder curse out loud.

A good example would be the intersection between a deck balustrade, an external wall and a roof face. Typically a builder should receive individual details for each building element - if he is lucky.  However, he may not receive any information detailing what happens where they all come together.

Read more here.

Christmas Close Dates

Like most small and growing businesses out there, we are always checking in on our emails and can be contacted by mobile phone if anything urgent crops up.  But for day-to-day operations, our office will be closed on the following dates:

Saturday, 21st December, 2013
Sunday, 5th January, 2014

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