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Whitianga ICF Home

Whitianga ICF Home

Whitianga ICF Home

The home planned for this site is a serious and desirable project, therefore it was essential that we set some serious and realistic expectations from the outset.

A two level home, the style is contemporary and modern with clean lines and detail given to eliminate any unnecessary surfaces. We wanted the overall strucutre to be unique and balanced in regard to form. We were particularly diligent with regard to eliminating busy junctions, connections and details. This helps the home to stand out and appreciated on another level.

The overall intention for the design of this home was to ensure it caters to all activities and lifestyle requirements of the occupants. It is essentially a family home so while we wanted it to be architecturally appealing, we also needed it to be comfortable and warm in winter or cool in summer. For this reason, the design incorporates passive solar design to harness the warmth of the sun.

Requirements of the home:

  • The garage is a flexible space that can be opened to the courtyard, pool and cabana when required.
  • The cabana will also be used for overflow guests during the holidays.
  • The location of the pool and its proximity to the boundary was addressed and we found creative ways to increase the space and improve function.

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