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JBH Buildings ICF Showhome

JBH Buildings ICF Showhome

JBH Buildings ICF Showhome

Creative Space has specified ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) on several jobs over the past few years. In terms of durability, robustness and energy efficiency, nothing else comes close. Justin Horler of JBH Building also shares these views and has carried out several successful high spec residential builds utilising ICF.

So when Justin and his wife, Sally, decided to build a new home for themselves in the Wairoa valley, Tauranga, the decision to use ICF was a key priority in the design. Creative Space has developed Justin and Sally’s ideas for their new home and the result is a modern pavilion style house. Two distinct bedroom wings are bisected by a large living zone that offers a seamless connection between spaces and to the outside. 

Large format joinery units and high ceilings will provide volume and light. With a material palette featuring timber and stone this house will be solidly connected to its natural surroundings.

The combination of the ICF and the use of strong horizontal and vertical planes will impart a bold effect - this house will stand the test of time.

See the finished home here.

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