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Huge Space in Compact Home

Huge Space in Compact Home

Huge Space in Compact Home

This home has been design with efficiency in mind, in order to create a home that is small in regard to its footprint (100m2) yet is large in regard to capacity and functionality. The key to creating such a small large space is to utilise the steep roof pitch and locate two bedrooms, a second living area and bathroom in the attic space.

This home has also been designed with extreme durability and performance in mind. It will be constructed using Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF’s) which features a 150mm reinforced concrete core with 65mm of insulation on either side. This provides more than double the insulation of a standard 90mm timber framed wall and is exceptionally strong - it will literally stand for hundreds of years. This home will also feature built-in sound proofing thanks to the combination of the ICF walls with double glazed aluminium joinery.  

The window placement and orientation of the home will play a large part in keeping the structure cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Its one thing to build a high performing home, its another thing to maximise that performance by leveraging off the assets the site has to offer. In this case that is all day sun so we will work to maximise the ‘passive solar design’.

This home really packs a massive punch for such a small footprint. In regard to the size of the spaces, there is nothing lacking from a larger home with a 8-10 seater lounge, ample outdoor covered and uncovered areas, very large bedrooms and good service zones.

We hope to see more designs like these come through for clients in the future as we look to build compact and smarter homes.

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