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Added Value in Omokoroa

Added Value in Omokoroa

Added Value in Omokoroa

This house has been designed for a new residential subdivision in the rapidly expanding area of Omokoroa.  A dead square site of 400m² and a modest budget presented challenges which required some alternative design solutions.

Designed to accommodate a family of five, emphasis has been placed on creating a large, multifunctional family zone on the ground floor. The house is in a basic L-shape configuration which allows for a large northfacing lawn. This lets the house recede from the street rather than dominating the section - a rare commodity in new, smaller subdivisions which are now becoming the norm. 

The upper floor is a massive kids’ zone. With three active boys to accommodate, the entire upper floor is essentially a loft with three bedrooms, a separate bathroom and a breakout space.  The loft has been employed due to the requirement for the space but onerous planning restrictions meant that a full two-story house would have meant a total non-compliant solution. The loft provides the floor area while also being an enjoyable, playful space for the children.  High insulation levels, passive roof ventilation systems and internal airtightness membrane will alleviate excessive heat build-up in this space.

This little beauty will have a smart but relaxed appearance: bold geometric forms and clad in flush mortar brick, board and batten cladding and bandsawn larch weatherboards. Compact but spacious and with ample roof cover in the areas that need it, the house will be warm, open and connected with its surroundings. 

This is a new take on modern, suburban living that will be a point of difference within a greenfields subdivision.

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