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About Us

We are a boutique architectural design agency with a difference.  While we know that our clients come to us for some fresh ideas and a new perspective, it’s hugely important to us that the resulting structures perform as they should.  The results should ultimately become a legacy to pass down to future generations.

Established in 2003, most of Our Team has extensive on-site building and construction experience.  This puts us in a very unique position of being able to ensure our designs and detailing are practical and achievable (the graphics shown here are typical of the detailing we include in all our plans).  This in turn allows us to better relate with contractors and sub-trades - building respect and improving the flow of information and communication.

Design complexity plays a big part in most weather-tight failures.  It is in our nature and company culture to work to simplify construction methods and critical junctions.  What looks good on paper is not always achievable on site, and eliminating risk is often a far better option than managing it.

We have completed in excess of 100 successful remedial repairs to homes, multi-unit appartments, commercial buildings and high risk structures.  This experience relates directly to all other areas of our business and service.  Furthermore, as a team, we have taken steps to educate ourselves in order to fully understand building science.

While we work hard, we also play hard, with everyone in the Creative Space team singing from the same song sheet!