We have successfully completed well over 100 remedial projects to date – covering residential to commercial and multi-unit appartments.  Our experience, proven process and solutions rectify water ingress and reinstate value in your property.

Building the right team is essential in this field, as there are many contractors and designers unwittingly creating unnecessary risk and a high likelihood of secondary failures. In moving forwards it is important to select a team that is qualified, experienced and insured for their part in the remedial process.

While this is, understandably, an unfortunate and difficult situation for many, we also see it as an opportunity to identify improvements which result in actually increasing the value of your home or commercial building.

Our Process for Remedial Projects

> Initial Consultation – this obligation-free, complimentary service includes:

  • Getting to know each other.
  • Discussing the background of your building.
  • Discussing all known and current perceived issues.
  • Offering you an initial proposal for consideration.

> Pre-Design – this includes:

  • Collecting all existing information and documentation from council and any other parties involved with the building.
  • Review existing reports & drawings.
  • Compile brief, detailed proposal and estimates.
  • Liaise with team members and discuss preliminary remedial options.
  • Re-draw the existing site plan, floor plans, elevations and preliminary sections.
  • Site visit and site measure any grey areas between existing drawings and actual construction on site.
  • Print existing drawings ready for conceptual process.
  • Consult with you to update you of processes, decisions and directions.

> Concept Process – this includes:

  • Finding design solutions that are sympathetic with your existing structure, helping to best manage costs
  • Producing a concept design identifying areas for improvement and remedial solutions to rectify the water ingress and reinstate value.
  • Presenting you with the concept design and solutions, including recommended materials, methods, processes and likely costs.
  • Remedial team meeting to review/discuss all information developed to date.
  • Presenting you with the final concept design for sign-off and costing.

> Developed Design – this includes:

  • Producing a full set of working drawings (the best this industry has to offer - examples of our information call-outs shown at right) and documentation in order to accurately price, consent and undertake all construction work required.
  • Preparing all forms and information required to lodge the building consent. We will then meet with the City Council at a pre-lodgement meeting to be sure they understand the depth and quality of the information prepared.
  • Tracking the building consent through the council system, ensuring it is prioritised as an ‘urgent project’ in order to get a jump start on site.


"Some time ago I was introduced to the team at Creative space through a mutual colleague. 

When under some work pressure, I decided to give them a try to see if they could help me out. The team did what I needed and were receptive to my constant phone calls and minor adjustments. They prepared a resource consent which was granted in a few days, and now I have a building consent in process through them too.

I am happy, their work is to a high standard. I look forward to working with them again soon. Many thanks."

John-Paul Biggelaar

Arcadia Holdings Ltd

Registered Building Surveyors. - M.N.Z.I.B.S, LBP - Design 3

"I am totally in love with the end product of our now “happy” building. Our apartment is warm, dry, light and quiet, the skylight design is brilliant, the addition of the decks has brought pilot bay closer and increased the living area. The addition of the mezzanine has given our relatively small apartment excellent additional storage. Glen and I could not be happier with the finished product."

Michelle Carabine
Silver Sands Appartments

“The Creative Space Architectural team are our 1st choice of specialist remedial designers in our region. They have been very receptive to our specialist input over the last 3- 4 years specifically in achieving durable weathering detail solutions.”

Graham Hodgson, Director NZIBS
Preview Building Surveyors Ltd.

“As the body corporate representative responsible for liaising with all contractors employed on the remedial work, I found Andre and his staff very professional in their approach to problems and completed tasks required to ensure plans and specifications were completed and approved on time, so there were no undue hold-ups.” 

John G Hodgson, Body Corporate Representative
Victoria Court Apartments, Mt Maunganui