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New Homes

A new home needs to reflect your lifestyle, your personality and the individual needs of those living there.  This starts with ensuring we are making the best use of your property location, sunshine hours and prevailing winds.  From these basics, it’s very important to us that we then factor in your lifestyle, expectations, budget and design preferences - after all, your new home will ideally be a reflection of you!

Great designs start with us assisting you to create a great brief.  The brief is essentially your home design in written form.  This will be used as an equation from which we are committed to finding the ultimate solution.  Be prepared! 

From our experience, your motivation and excitement will grow substantially once you receive your first concept plan!

Our Process for New Homes

> Initial Consultation – this obligation-free, complimentary service includes:

  • Getting to know each other
  • Discussing your requirements and what you are looking to achieve
  • Discussing ideas and initial recommendations we can bring to the table
  • Offering you an initial proposal for consideration

> Pre-Design – this includes:

  • Undertaking due diligence in regard to the district/city plan 
  • Site visit – upon acceptance of our initial proposal
  • Research and investigation
  • Further consultation with you to define the design brief
  • Redrawing your site and existing structures
  • Collaborating with any required outwork professionals in order to obtain further information

> Concept Design – this includes:

  • Preliminary concept and spatial sketch planning
  • Producing a preliminary design that relates to your brief
  • Presenting this and consulting with you in developing the design
  • Producing a developed design that meets your requirements before being signed off for Detailed Design

> Detailed Design – this includes:

  • Liaising with any sub consultants eg. structural engineer, land surveyor, etc
  • Producing a full set of detailed working drawings for construction and consent - the best this industry has to offer (the graphic call-outs shown here are typical of our drawings to ensure all information is clearly understood and addressed where required)
  • Producing the detailed specifications and supporting information

  • Preparing all consent applications and supporting information to be lodged
  • Attending the lodgement meeting and submitting the building consent to council

> Project Observation – this includes:

  • Being available when and as required to provide additional information to the contract documents in relation to any potential variations
  • Weekly site visits throughout the duration of the construction phase to assist in meeting the project requirements
  • Producing and supplying a weekly site report to all key stakeholders identifying any areas of concern
  • Attending all contract works meetings as required in the construction contract in order to assist the team in reaching completion
  • Amending any details or information on the plans where required, in order to reflect the actual construction process on site
  • Submitting any variations or amendments to the plans or specifications for resource consent, in order to gain the code of compliance certificate
  • Holding a final site inspection to assist in identifying any defects once construction is completed but before trades people are signed-off

> 3D Modelling (Optional) – this includes:

  • A 3D visual of your site and home design
  • Application of selected textures that reflect the direction of the design
  • 3D perspectives which accurately portray the building
  • Solar animations that show the effects of the sun at any time of the day or year

*Nb. This is our standard, general process which is then tailored to suit your needs, and itemised in your estimate for consideration.


I just want to say to those of you who worked on our home - what a great place it has turned into. Just the feelings of space and style it gives. After a month here we have not found anything that we do not like, or anything that we think should have been different. The spaciousness is wonderful, the suitability to the site is fantastic. 

Simply, it is a great piece of design work which has brought only positive comment from all of our once-sceptical neighbours.

“Congratulations on a very good set of working drawings – the best I’ve seen for a long time.  Clear, well presented and concise.”

Grant Casey,
Operations Manager
Shawn Williamson Building Ltd